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Dionis Solo focusses his work on contemporary conceptual sculpture and photography. The artist was born and has studied art in Russia, after which he continued to work in his home country for many years. Currently, Solo works mainly from Austria and Russia. Through his artwork he aims to showcase the complexity of the modern world and the conflicts society and the individuals struggling in it are continuously confronted with. He expresses his ideas through the media of sculpture, reliefs and photography. The sculptures are deprived of certain boundaries, which are classical characteristics for portraits and sculptures engaging with historical themes. With the external tranquility and the deeper ideas his pieces are meant to carry, his works are endowed and almost strained with the psychological meanings and spirituality of the objects. The unexpected compositional solutions make the beholder take a different look at the world and the people surrounding us.


For further information and to get in touch with the artist in relation to any projects please contact us directly.


For the artists' detailed biography and more of his works please visit his website. 





Sculpture & Photography