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Russian-born artist Michail Nogin is considered to be one of the few remaining masters of the "old school" and techniques of classical sculpting. After emigrating from Russia to Austria in 1989, he began working on monumental projects all over Europe, Russia and the CIS. Particularly, Austrian town Tulln by the Danube has become somewhat of an open-air museum of his works and annually attracts tourists from all over the world to visit the sights. The majestic "Nibelungen Monument", a composition of 9 bronze sculptures combined with a water fountain, created in record time of three years is probably his most famous monumental work in Europe so far.


His sculptures and graphic art pieces are represented in museum and private collections worldwide. 


For further information and to get in touch with the artist in relation to any projects please contact us directly.


For a detailed biography and more of his works please visit the artist's website. 






Monumental Sculpture